Project Period partners with schools and community resources throughout Indiana to provide free menstrual hygiene products to students and clients who struggle financially. 

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Our Mission

Combating Period Poverty in Central Indiana

Providing menstrual hygiene products to those who struggle financially


Partnering with Indianapolis area schools, social workers, and community outreach organizations


Educating girls and spreading awareness to ensure the well-being of Indianapolis women

Thanks for the delivery!!! We had several young women in need early this morning! Such a blessing! Again, thank you!


Through Project Period we are able to give the items they need to be healthy and feel empowered...We have received such great feedback about having access to these products. Thank Project Period for all of your efforts!


We have gotten great feedback from students and parents about having access to pads and tampons in our food pantry and classrooms! They also LOVE having a discreet carrying bag.


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