Amber Blackmon

Amber Blackmon

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Amber is from Gary, IN. She has a B.A. in Health Promotion: Environmental Health Science and a Masters in Public health with a concentration in Epidemiology. Her interests include working out, being a foodie/wine and tequila enthusiast, reading, health information data (insert nerd emoji), and road tripping. She hopes to complete a cross-country road trip before she turns 30!

“Health and wellness, specifically women’s health has always been my passion. I jumped at the idea when I was presented with the opportunity to join a non-profit that aids one of the most vulnerable populations: low-income women/girls. I believe women and girls shouldn’t have to choose between their feminine hygiene and other basic necessities. Girls shouldn’t have to miss school because of a lack of feminine hygiene products. My goal from Project Period is to be able to continue expansion (I see no limits, ok maybe statewide is enough but let's keep pushing!)”

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