Emma Donnan

Emma Donnan is a K-8 charter school, with a large low-income population, on the southside of Indianapolis. All students attending Emma Donnan receive free school breakfast and lunches under the Community Eligibility Provision. The CEP allows the nation’s highest poverty schools to serve breakfast and lunch at no cost to all enrolled students without collecting household applications.

Project Period works directly with Emma Donnan’s school nurse, Candace Miller. Candace has worked at the school for 2 years. She started out as an extern for Emma Donnan, Emmerich Manual, and Thomas Carr Howe, all Project Period partner schools. Candace says, “The experience was wonderful and one I will never forget. After a few days of externing, I knew that this was what I wanted to do.”

Her passion and dedication for her job and her students is apparent in the stories that she tells. Candace explains, “I never realized the suffering and needs of the children and parents in my own community just right down the street. Being a school nurse is so rewarding and heartbreaking all at the same time; I have cried with students that have lost their mother to drugs, fathers to gun violence, and siblings who never made it to the doctor on time.”

Project Period is proud to work with Candace and support Emma Donnan. Your donations help us provide monthly deliveries to this deserving school. “Project period has been so helpful in supplying our less fortunate girls with feminine products in times of need and urgency. I have noticed a significant improvement with the older girls now knowing they will have the products needed for good hygiene in times of need.”

Project Period provides feminine hygiene products to the school, but most students are also lacking other everyday essentials, such as pencils and paper. “Most of the kids have only one pair of pants to wear as their uniform for the year and no coat to wear to school or walk home.” Donations of school supplies, clothing, and other hygiene products are always needed.

“We thank you as a community, as a school, and as everyday people just trying to get by. Thank you!”

Thank you, Candace, for your dedication and compassion. We are proud to partner with you and your school. If you’d like to support Emma Donnan, please consider making a donation to Project Period via our website or Facebook page. Your donations go directly to the schools and students in need.

To learn more about Emma Donnan, check out their website!


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